Caribbean Safety Products Limited
403 Pacific Avenue,Pt.Lisas Industrial Estate,
Pt.Lisas Trinidad and Tobago
1-868-299-0104 / 1-868-299-0105
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List of Contact Persons
Managing Director
Mobile Number:1-868-299-3900.
Office Number:1-868-299-0102 Extension 223.

Accounts Division
Office Number:1-868-299-0102Extension 266.
Office Number:1-868-299-0102 Extension 267.
Office Number :1-868-299-0102 Extension 235.
Mobile Number:1-868-349-6156.
Office Number: 1-868-299-0102 Extension 247.
Mobile Number:1-868-299-3913.
Office Number:1-868-299-0102Extension 221.
Procurement and Inventory Division
Mobile Number:1-868-299-3903.
Office Number:1-868-299-0102Extension 222.
Business Development/Operations And Marketing Director
Mobile Number:1-868-299-3902.
Office Number:1-868-299-0102Extension 249.
Customer Service Representative
Office Number : 1-868-299-0102 Ext 234.
Office Number:1-868-299-0102 Ext. 229
Office Number 1-868-299-0102 Ext .266
Office Number:1-868-299-0102 Ext 241.
Mobile Number :1-868-299-3864 .

Sales Representatives
Mobile Number :1-868-299-3866.
Mobile Number: 1-868-299-3876.
Mobile Number:1-868-299-3865.
Mobile Number 1-868-299-3871.
Mobile Number :1-868-299-3862.
Mobile Number:1-866-293-9370
Human Resource/Administration Division.
Mobile Number:1-868-299-3901.
Office Number:1-868-299-0102Extension 230.
Mobile Number:1-868-299-3912.
Office Number:1-868-299-0102Extension 228.

Manufacturing Division
Mobile Number:1-868-299-3917.
Office Number:1-868-299-0102Extension 248.
Office Number:1-868-299-0102Extension 248.
Security Division
Mobile Number:1-868-299-3905.
Office Number:1-868-299-0102 Extension 277.
Mobile Number:1-868-299-3905.
Office Number:1-868-299-0102 Extension 227.
Mobile Number:1-868-299-3894.