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Buckeye ABC 10lb Fire Extinguisher

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Buckeye’s 10 LB Monoammonium Phosphate based fire extinguisher is designed for use in combating Class A,B, and C type fires.
Commonly known as an “ABC” fire extinguisher, this multipurpose extinguisher is designed for use in homes, office buildings, warehouses,
motor vehicles, farms, and woodworking areas.
(This extinguisher is NOT recommended for use on delicate electronic equipment and computers.)

• Manufactured in accordance with ANSI/UL 299 and ANSI/UL 711 Standards and is DOT compliant. UL and ULC Listed
• US COAST GUARD approved for Type A Size II and Type B:C Size II when used in conjunction with Mounting Bracket Model 809, P/N 700226.
• Polyester epoxy powder coated steel cylinder with anodized all-metal valve assembly.
• ABC dry chemical is available in 50 lb. Pails for recharging Buckeye extinguishers.

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Weight 18.25 lbs
Dimensions 19.69 × 5.59 × 53.34 cm