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Tempo Max Glove

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Tempo MAXG – Max Glove

Tempo Glove Manufacturing has redefined the meaning of quality in the workmanship and material components of its firefighting gloves. With pride, we boldly display our logo on every glove we make.
Tempo Max Gloves are made from exclusive Tempo Aqua Temp™ leather with qualities in our leather unknown to firefighting gloves in the past. Durable yet soft to the hand, the leather can be washed, and after drying, softened with a scrub brush, maintaining its flexibility and excellent gripping power – even when wet.

The 4 inch wristlet in our Tempo gloves are rib-knitted Nomex III® (Kevlar and Nomex only by Dupont) for flame resistance and durability. It will not shrink or distort as other wristlets do. Turn the wristlet up for fast entry; once the glove is on your hand, pull the wristlet down to ensure maximum protection.

Tempo® firefighting gloves, in fire and ice, dry or wet, they are the toughest gloves for the toughest profession.