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Alcohol 25/a 25 – 5,000 ppm – Draeger Tube: Part # 8101631

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Drager Detection Tubes – Alchohol 25/a


There are now 3 new Tubes that will provide more precise analysis:

  • n-Butanol 10/a(8103861)
  • Methanol 20/a(8103801)
  • i-Propanol 50/a(8103741)

These Alcohol short-term detection tubes are for the measurement of Alcohol (25/a).  They have a measurement range of 10 to 150 ppm and detect a range of other substances.

They substances may include Acetaldehyde, Alcohols (general), i-Butanol, n-Butanol (Butyl Alcohol), Cyclohexanol, Cyclohexanone, Dimethoxyethane, Ethanol (Ethy Alcohol), Ethylene Glycol Dimethylether, 2-Ethyl-1-hexanol, Ethyl Lactate, Ethyl Vinyl Ether, Fufuryl Alcohol , Isopropanol (Isopropyl Alcohol ), Mesityl Oxide, Methanol (Methyl Alcohol) , Methylated Spirits, Methyl Vinyl Ketone, alpha-Pinene, Propan- 2-ol (Iso-propanol) and Vinyl Ethyl Ether.

The tubes come in pack of 10 pieces and have a shelf life of 2 years.


  • Obtain readings from hard to reach places with the tubes, pump and accessories
  • Carry out measurements on the spot
  • 10 seconds to 15 minutes is the potential time frame for readings to be taken and is dependent on the type of tube used
  • Pre-entry checks and confined space entry are two applications which can use tubes
  • Additional applications may include variations in concentration levels and also contamination of breathing areas